LISTENING SESSION 2Chainz & Lil Wayne: Collegrove 2016 Def Jam Recordings

Mood: MFN Right produced by Mike WiLL Made It, Zaytoven, 3:24

Critics : @duseidagreat, @_gambit, @dt_junior, @2laidback, @mars_blackman05, @alphonsoaedwards, @needmymusic

Listening Session Criteria: Each song will be reviewed based on production, lyrics, sequence, time, and feature benefit.

    • Production: who produced the song and was it produced on a quality level
    • Lyrics: what is the artist saying, can it is understand, and is the delivery presented well
    • Sequence: if there are features on the song, did it flow well to the next artist, did the song before this song keep me engage to want to hear the next song, does the album tell a story or were songs just placed on the album in random order
    • Time: is this song too lengthy, did the song end too soon that the listener could not appreciate it, was this song just a filler to waste track time or was it needed on the album
    • Feature Benefit: did this song have a feature that added value to the song, did the feature make the song better then what it was, or did the feature take away the art of the song

Each critique on the songs will be re-reviewed on an overall level for the ranking of the album. An additional criteria will be added, album artwork. The overall rating of a song will be represented by cassette tapes on a 1-7 ranking, where .5 is an included interval. The scale will be 7, with the meaning being full completion. Each post will have a mood song, the song selected will be our opinion of the overall mood of the album. Let’s begin. ..

  1. Dedication produced by Southside, 4:58 – The introduction was produced just right, it’s perfect riding music. The intro was honest, with a trill tribute to southern hip hop. Lil Wayne not being on this song was the perfect tone to let everyone know that this is truly 2 Chainz’s album.
  2. Smell like Money ft. Wayne produced by Da Honorable C-Note, 4:50 – The production was nice, C-Note did his thing on this one. A good intro song for Wayne, he came in smooth, gave you that old Wayne flow.
  3. Bounce ft. Wayne produced by T@, Infamous, 4:18- The lyrics and battle of the 2 rappers made this song, the production wasn’t the reason we kept listening. We kept listening because Wayne gave that flow, but 2 Chainz’s was not going to let anyone forget this is his album. Nice trap battle.
  4. Gotta Lotta ft. Wayne produced by Mannie Fresh, 3:38 – The production was the only thing that kept our attention on this song. Mannie Fresh on the beat was the only reason this song was worth listening to.
  5. MFN Right produced by Mike WiLL Made It, Zaytoven, 3:24 – The intro to this song 2Chainz says “Mike told me this gone be my favorite song”, this is probably the realest line because, with us it was definitely our favorite song. The production is so fresh and hard. 2Chainz just rides the beat and makes you want to vibe, he was the only one that could be on this song, it wasn’t made for a Wayne feature. Zaytoven added the keys on the beat, it was just nasty. This song will be the next single and will be played in the club. CERTIFIED @NEEDMYMUSIC
  6. Blue C-Note ft. Wayne produced by Mr. 2-17, 2:50 – Mr. 2-17 produced a club record with this one for sure, the flow and placement of this one kept us turnt and not disappointed after MFN. Wayne was a good feature for this one, he could do his flow on the beat.
  7. Not Invited produced by TM88, Reignman Rich, 3:14 – This was a talk shit record, that only 2Chainzs could have created, the song was average but worth a listen.
  8. Bentley Truck ft. Wayne produced by Metro Boomin, Frank Dukes, 4:35 – Metro gave the song potential but it’s really just an okay record, nothing really dope about it, this part of the album makes you want to hit skip.
  9. 100 Joints prod by Bobby Kritical, 3:36 – Another alright track, nothing really to talk about.
  10. Rolls Royce Weather Every Day ft. Wayne produced by Lil C 3:05 – This chorus was dope on this track, ( we just wanted to yell THREE SIX MAFIA) and Lil Wayne bought this song to life, the flow of the previous songs were so chill, that we needed that Wayne flow to get back into the album.
  11. What Happened ft. Wayne produced by Ben Billions, 4:57 – Another Wayne track, he came in and took over the track.
  12. Section ft. Wayne produced by London on Da Track, 3:55 – London on the Track produced a hella of a beat, gave us a theoretical feeling. Lil Wayne decided he was taking the last 3 songs and running with it to the finish line, because he came in hard and ready to shut down. 2Chainz definitely knows how to give you the warm up.

Album Artwork designed by Jonathan Mannion, 2 Chainz’s face with Wayne ‘s tattoos

 tapetapetapetapeyeah OVERALL RATING : 4.5  on a 7 point scale 

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