EVENTS Blade and Bow

Mood:  Coming Home – Leon Bridges 3:36 , Coming Home 2015


Last night  I was picked up by an Uber (leather interior black Lincoln) , sponsored by Blade and Bow, to attend their welcoming Dinner.  We pulled up to the Estate and Gardens , and I felt like I was home. A dream home of course, but still home! We were greeted by the “butler” with a Blade and Bow pendant. The pendant had 5 keys which confirmed  I had the access to be here because I just received the Skelton key. But later I learned that in addition to the key symbolizing a Skelton key the 5 Keys are the 5 steps of crafting bourbon (grain, yeast, fermentation, distillation, and aging).

We were escorted upstairs where we were given 3 signature options to taste the bourbon. The Cajun, The Manhattan, and the 22-Classic.  I, of course chose the Manhattan and it tasted incredible. After having a few hors d’oeuvres  and networking with other guest it was time was time for dinner.  We started our dinner off with more Blade and Bow testing then continued to our 3 course meal. I selected the Bacon, Egg, and Kale Salad and the North Georgia Trout as my entrée, finished with a Caramel A La Mode Blade and Bow Pecan Pie. Every thing was delicious.


Why the “Coming Home” mood:


The song selection to express the mood that  Blade and Bow gave me was “Coming Home”.  Every element of the event, such as the Uber picking me up, the choice of venue, the greetings from the brand ambassadors, and eating dinner with a circle of new friends, all made me feel like I was being welcomed back home.

After all the hustle and stress, go home, relax, and drink a nice glass of Blade and Bow.  A hospitality bourbon that gives you that dream at home feeling. After the world leaves your mouth bitter you can have a glass of Blade and Bow and experience what life is really suppose to taste like


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