LISTENING SESSION Kendrick Lamar Untitled 2016 Aftermath/Interscope



Mood: Untitled 07 produced by Frank Dukes, Cardo, Yung Exclusive, Swizz Beatz & Egypt Dean, 8:16


Critics: @duseidagreat, @_gambit, @dt_junior, @2laidback, @mars_blackman05, @alphonsoaedwards, @needmymusic

Listening Session Criteria: Each song will be reviewed based on production, lyrics, sequence, time, and feature benefit.

    • Production: who produced the song and was it produced on a quality level
    • Lyrics: what is the artist saying, can it is understand, and is the delivery presented well
    • Sequence: if there are features on the song, did it flow well to the next artist, did the song before this song keep me engage to want to hear the next song, does the album tell a story or were songs just placed on the album in random order
    • Time: is this song too lengthy, did the song end too soon that the listener could not appreciate it, was this song just a filler to waste track time or was it needed on the album
    • Feature Benefit: did this song have a feature that added value to the song, did the feature make the song better then what it was, or did the feature take away the art of the song

Each critique on the songs will be re-reviewed on an overall level for the ranking of the album. An additional criteria will be added, album artwork. The overall rating of a song will be represented by cassette tapes on a 1-7 ranking, where .5 is an included interval. The scale will be 7, with the meaning being full completion. Each post will have a mood song, the song selected will be our opinion of the overall mood of the album. Let’s begin. ..

  1. Untitled 01 produced by Hit-boy & DJ Spinz, 4:08- The introduction was melodic and strong. It was super jazzy almost an Outkast feel with the production. Kendrick always comes strong lyrically so there was no disappointment.
  2. Untitled 02 prouced by Yung Exclusive & Cardo 4:19- The production of this joint was dope! Kendrick is that young conscience gangster. The song is perfect for riding. The flow and beat are talking to each other, they go hand in hand.
  3. Untitled 03 ft. Thundercat, Bilal, Terrance Martin, & Anna Wise produced by Da Internz 2:34 – Song and production gave off an old school James Brown feel, complete flow from Kendrick.
  4. Untitled 04 ft. Jay Rock & SZA produced by Bizness Boi & Nard&B 1:50- The conclusion that we got from this song is “HEAD IS THE ANSWER” and who are we to 2nd guess or argue with that especially when SZA is singing it. Bizness Boi & Nard&B delievered that production that we needed to chill out and vibe to this one.
  5. Untitled 05 ft. Anna Wise, Punch, & Jay Rock produced by Nard&B 5:38- The features  were phenomenal. Anna Wise  gave us a classy introduction. Punch & Jay Rock were blended so well, Kendrick closing out the song was the key.
  6. Untitled 06 ft. Cee-Lo produced by Ali Shaheed Muhammad & Adrian YoungCee-Lo’s style has a way of taking over a song. So this is technically Cee-Lo’s song and we are more than okay with that.
  7. Untitled 07 produced by Frank Dukes, Cardo, Yung Exclusive, Swizz Beatz, & Egypt Dean 8:16 – This is the best song and the hardest song on the album. For sure the next single, next anthem, and party starter. By the time this song is over you just want to yell “ LEVITATE LEVITATE” but the song is never over lol. By 3 minutes into the song, it switches up completely. What he says after the 3 minutes you can listen to it  but you really just want to hit the back button and just replay it from the beginning. This joint is too long and should be split into a new track but if you make it completely through its hot.  After the freestyle the track turns into adlibbing and bull shitting in the studio so if you want to experience how it was in the studio that night for sure listen. It’s a good time.
  8. Untitled 08 produced by DJ Khalil – this is an awesome song with deep meaning and awesome quotables lol. Definitely a closer to an incredible album.

OVERALL RATING: 6 on a 7 point scale ( not a complete album)


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