EVENT Martell Vanguard Experience Concert ft. The Roots

Mood: Now or Never by The Roots, Phonte, Dice Raw 4:34

Martell is truly a cognac that is above the rest. Recently, I was invited to attend a private event to fully embrace the “Martell Experience” and I was left in awe. From the moment I arrived, I was impressed at how they presented their brand and the lifestyle attributed to it. There was an abundance of tasty food, beautiful people with insightful conversations, and handcrafted cocktails. But the true highlight of the night was being able to listen and experience live music by the Grammy award-winning collective, The Roots.

As I sipped my cocktail and listened to the Roots play, I noticed that music isn’t made like this anymore. Each member of the band is incredible at their respective talent but when they come together they become memorable.  It felt good to finally “feel” the music rather than just “hear” it.

Why the ” Now or Never” Mood:

The song selection to express the mood that the Martell Vanguard Experience gave me was “Now or Never” . The song is all about decisions,  figuring out change , and making the best choice for your life. Martell is about choosing better – better taste, better feelings, and better cognac.  For Martell’s 300th year celebration they truly did  #ChooseBetter by having The Roots host the Vanguard Experience.



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