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I was at work when I found out that Prince died. My emotions were mixed and confused. Although I was sad because we lost a multi-talented artist and legend, I was happy in the fact that I was able to witness his greatness live, just a week before. The story of how it occurred was one for the books, so I decided to share:


My friend Branden texted me when Prince first announced that he was having a concert in Atlanta. Branden bought 2 tickets and  I wanted to purchase some as well  but the date the concert was scheduled (April 7th) I was out the country and would not be able to attend. However, as the date of the concert approached  Prince announced that it would need to be pushed back to the following week because he was ill. And those who initially purchased tickets would be able to attend the new show date.

Fast forward to the date of the newly scheduled show Thursday April 14th. Branden had his two tickets still, one for him and the other for his father, but unfortunately, his father’s flight was cancelled so he was unable to attend.  Since the show was getting close to starting so he decided to invite someone. Being the great friend that he is, he decided to pick me!

So, at 9:30 I received a call  from Branden asking me if I wanted to attend the 10 o’clock Prince show. My immediate response was of course I’m on my way! I just so happen to be at Tech Square Venture attending The Beyond the Mic Event (a tech talk with Ryan Leslie) which is literally 0.5 miles from the Fox Theater (the venue were Prince was performing). At that moment when I knew the opportunity was meant for me, because I could have been anywhere that day but I was around the corner!

When I arrived at the fox theater my ticket was at the front box office listed under my name, the lady asked for my ID to verify my name and I didn’t have it because the day before I took it out of my wallet to take a picture of it for a job. So with prayers of her not rejecting me I showed her the picture of my Drivers License in my phone and she said “Enjoy the show Crystal!”

As soon as I was guided to my seat I emphatically told Branden “Thank you!” As I watched Prince perform I knew I was witnessing something special.

The show was remarkable. Prince as a performer was everything I ever thought he would. He was one with the piano, while simultaneously, being one with the audience. He kept us engaged and we were a part of the show. Everyone in the audience danced to every song. We sang along to every song. Of course I didn’t know the words to all the songs and he called that out too! Lol he has the best sense of humor.

I learned so much at the show I learned that we as people can be one through music. We can love through music; we all can feel the same joy and pain. We can dance together and create memories together. Prince showed and highlighted that throughout the decades.  The music he gave us throughout the last 30 years was truly loved and appreciated by the audience. Even when Prince took a break during the show the audience cheered until he returned. (Which at times were 5 minutes long!)  I have never seen fans show that much support and appreciation, and for that,  I was blessed to bear witness and be a part of a beautiful moment, and a part of history.

I will forever cherish this memory and your music will be with us until the end of time. We truly adore you.  RIP PRINCE ROGERS NELSON

Adore Lyrics:

Baby, yes Until the end of time I’ll be there for you You own my heart and mind I truly adore you If God one day stroke me blind Your beauty I’d still see Love is to weak to define Just what you mean to me

From the first moment I saw you Oh, I knew you where the one That night I had to call you I was rapping till the sun came up Telling you just how fine you look In a word, you were sex All of my cool attitude you took My body was next You made love to me Like you where afraid Was you afraid of me? Was I the first? Was I your every fantasy? That’s why

Until the end of time I’ll be there for you You own my heart and mind I truly adore you If God one day stroke me blind Your beauty I’d still see Love is to weak to define Just what you mean to me

When we be making love I only hear the sounds Heavenly angels crying up above Tears of joy pouring down on us They know we need each other They know you are my fix I know, that you know that I ain’t cheating baby They know this is serious I ain’t funking just for kicks, no This condition I got is crucial, crucial baby You could say that I’m a terminal case You could burn up my clothes Smash up my ride, well maybe not the ride But I got to have your face All up in the place I’d like to think that I’m a man of exquisite taste A hundred percent Italian silk imported Egyptian lace But nothing baby, I said nothing baby could compare To your lovely face Do you know what I’m saying to ya this evening I’m just trying to say I’m just trying to say That until, until the end of time I’ll be there for you I’ll be there for you On my heart, on my mind, (truly adore you) I truly adore you (darling) You don’t know what you’re mean to me Baby, (until the end of time) Baby, (I’ll be there for you) Baby, (you own my heart and mind) ‘Till the end of time I’ll be there for you (I truly adore you) Adore you (Adore you)

Can I talk to you? Tell you what you mean to me Every time you wander (until the end of time) I’ll be your eyes so you can see I want to show you things That I show no other, I want to be More than, more than your mother More than your brother I want to be (like no) like no other If you need me, I’ll never leave I know, that you know, without you there is no me There is no me Without you there is no sea There is no shore Love is to weak to define how much I adore You, child You, child The last words you hear The last words you hear

I’ll be there for you, baby (Until the end of time)

Be with me darling till the end of time (until the end of time) I’ll give you my heart I’ll give you my mind I’ll give you my body (until the end of time) I’ll give you my time (until the end of time) (Until the end of time) (Until the end of time) For all time I am with you You are with me (until the end of time) You are with me, you are with me



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