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Passion Planner was created and founded by Superwoman Angelia Trinidad. She created it to help herself along with others achieve their goals. Her vision was to create a tool that would prevent her from becoming overwhelmed with the goals she set for herself. She decided to develop a planner layout that permitted her to accomplish her goals through organization, time management, self-accountability, and visuals.

I found out about her story and purchased a Passion Planner. When I received the planner it was even better than I imagined. Instead of your normal everyday planner this one starts and finishes with passion. To kick start you are provided a road map and wish list to fill in. Once complete, you categorize your goals into time frames (3 months, 1 year, 3 years, and lifetime). Next you create due dates for these goals and define them even deeper into weeks and days.

Each week you are tasked with defining your week’s focus, track good things that have happened to you, create an updated to do list and even write out your dreams of possibility. Passion Planner is designed with a quote every week to focus on and also advice to keep you on track. Every month there is a space to reflect on your goals and you have to answer questions honestly about your progress, which ensures you are holding yourself accountable.

I have had my journal now for approximately 2 months and my life is moving faster than ever in the right direction. With all the great things that are currently happening I had to make sure someone else with my same ambition could benefit from this great tool.

Passion Planners Instagram has a Friday Give Away where they hold a drawing for a free planner. I took a chance and entered one, and on my first try I was announced the winner. I was so overjoyed and knew exactly who I was going to give it to, a fellow “Superwoman”, my friend and colleague Tanya Moore.

Tanya is working on starting her own catering service within the Atlanta Market. Not only does she have entrepreneurship goals she is also a mother, a community leader, a manager within her occupation, and a networking guru. With the Passion Planner Tanya will be able to keep herself on track and tackle her goals! Follow her journey @tndgoodeats.



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