LISTENING SESSION: A$AP Ferg Always Strive and Prosper

Critics : @duseidagreat, @_gambit, @dt_junior, @2laidback, @mars_blackman05, @needmymusic

Listening Session Criteria: Each song will be reviewed based on production, lyrics, sequence, time, and feature benefit.

    • Production: who produced the song and was it produced on a quality level
    • Lyrics: what is the artist saying, can it is understand, and is the delivery presented well
    • Sequence: if there are features on the song, did it flow well to the next artist, did the song before this song keep me engage to want to hear the next song, does the album tell a story or were songs just placed on the album in random order
    • Time: is this song too lengthy, did the song end too soon that the listener could not appreciate it, was this song just a filler to waste track time or was it needed on the album
    • Feature Benefit: did this song have a feature that added value to the song, did the feature make the song better then what it was, or did the feature take away the art of the song

Each critique on the songs will be re-reviewed on an overall level for the ranking of the album. An additional criteria will be added, album artwork. The overall rating of a song will be represented by cassette tapes on a 1-7 ranking, where .5 is an included interval. Each post will have a mood song, the song selected will be our opinion of the overall mood of the album. Let’s begin. ..


  1. Rebirth produced by DJ Khalil, Clams Casino – The introduction is average, doesn’t quite set the tone for the album.
  2. Hungry Ham ft. Skrillex, Crystal Caines produced by Skrillex – Skrillex and A$AP make a fresh upbeat song.  The addlibs and voice/vocal inserts makes the song for all ages.You have to nod your head to this one.
  3. Strive ft. Missy Elliott produced by Stelios Phili, DJ Mustard – This song is where the album really gets started in my opinion. Strive production gives you a EDM type vibe, DJ Mustard & Stelios Phili really scored with this one. The beat, story, and lyrics feels like this song would be played at a corporate conference encouraging employees to reach for the stars to get to their goals. Lol perfect  Wolf of Wall Street moment. Then the song gets even better when Missy jumps in and gives us what she always does, that upbeat creative flow  with the coolest voice inflections.
  4. Meet My Crazy Uncle: Classic moment for all black people. This skit is definitely needed in between the two the songs because the vibe switches and your mind needs something to go in the middle to help it all make sense. Awesome transitional.
  5. Psycho produced by DJ Khalil, Clams Casino: DJ Khalil and Clams made a chill beat that went perfect with Ferg’s rhymes. This is riding music and a mellow groove.
  6. Let It Bang ft. SchoolBoy Q produced by Lex Luger: So glad to have Lex Luger give us some production again, where has he been. A$AP and School Boy Q give this beat all the extra love. The beat is really simplistic but their verses and the hook make you bounce.
  7. New Level ft. Future produced by Da Honorable C.N.O.T.E : Da Honorable C Note creates a head banger beat , A$AP knows how to give songs extra volume. The continuous adlibs in the back ground “huh” & “yeah” keep you hype and rocking back and forth with his verse and then Future comes through with the classic hood love. In this moment in music Future will definitely take all music that almost any artist creates to a new level.
  8. Yammy Gang ft. Tatiana Paulino, A$AP Mob produced by Lido & Cashmere Cat – This track gives you a tribal African, Island Dance flow with the beat. I definitely felt like I was apart of Yammy Gang. The chant forces you to jump in and represent for “YAMMY GANG” Awesome way to pay tribute to Yams. RIP.
  9. Swipe Life ft. Rick Ross produced by Veryrvre – Veryrvre came with a universal beat that fit all settings, you can ride to this beat or vibe to it on a turn up. Rick Ross knows how to introduce himself on any track. He is an asset on this joint and verse is the ideal length.
  10. Uzi Gang ft. Marty Baller, Lil Uzi Vert produced by TM88 – It’s a dope song with a hard beat.
  11. Beautiful People ft. Chuck D, Mama Ferg, and Nikki G producted by DJ Khalil and Clams Casino – The production on this song like a black super hero cinema. This song is beautiful and crazy lyrical. A positive track that gives the album depth, it shows A$AP Ferg’s diversity.
  12. Damn Not Again: LEMONADE, see this was Becky with the good hair messing up relationships again.
  13. Let You Go produced by StarGate – The production of this song reminds you of “Breathe Stop”. The lyrics are crazy relatable and honest. It was the perfect move for him to sing on this song, no one else could do the vocals, it makes it more real and deep. Nice to hear a heartfelt love song by Ferg.
  14. World Is Mine ft. Big Sean produced by No I.D. – Big Sean made this his song. I don’t think the song was necessary to be on the album but it’s a worth a listen
  15. Phone Call With Breezy:
  16. I Love You ft. Chris Brown , Ty Dolla Sign produced by Jordan Lewis, Hagler: When Chris Brown got on the track and started the singing, it was a killer then he immediately went into the rap lyrics. Chris continues to show us how talented he is and he gave his all on this one, shows respect to A$AP with giving him a hit. Especially Ty Dolla Sign hitting us with the “ooo yeah” This track will be a single.
  17. Grandma:
  18. Grandma produced DJ Khalil – Since this song was written for his grandma I won’t give my opinion on the song. I’ll just show it respect by not critiquing it.

Album Photo taken by Renell Medrano


Album rating : 4.5 on a 7 point scale

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