I’m Me: Sammie’s Single Release Party

He’s back and it would be an insult to say he’s better, because Sammie has been delivering hits since he began his career. His new hit single “I’m Me” is no difference. From the lyrics to the production of The song produced by The Doh Boy. The song gives you great vibes of pure R&B.

Sammie’s Single Release party took place at Blu Cantina located at 257 Peters Street, on their infamous Major Key Monday’s hosted by Dusei Da Great and NeedMyMusic . Fan’s from all over came and packed out the venue. Standing room only made the night easily turn into an interactive concert. After hearing the single approximately 2 times everyone knew the words to the hook and were singing in unison. Sammie loved the energy that Dusei Da Great and the crowd were putting out into the atmosphere so he couldn’t help but sing it live. As soon as Sammie grabbed the microphone and hit the first note everyone knew that this moment was about to turn into one of the most memorable moments of a single release party.  With people standing on tables, everyone rushing to the front for a closer view, and fans outside trying to get in.

After singing “I’m Him” it didn’t stop there Sammie continued with the rest of his catalogue of music and if you thought the list was low, you’re sadly mistaken. Sammie performed songs such as “ I Like” ,  “Crazy Things I Do” , “Hardball” and more.

At the end of the night guest signed a board poster of a picture of Sammie. Sammie posted the gift on his Instagram stating “The energy last night was epic. So to every fan that signed this image of me last night, do know I’ll cherish it. It’s officially added to my art collection in my studio at the crib. Thanks again. “


Download Sammie’s New Single “I’m Him”

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