The Honor Roll #KeepFighting Release

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Honor Roll is back and they switched it from their familiar wordplay and graphics, with a new no words, just feelings collection entitled #KeepFighting .

The collection includes 3 cut and sew men’s designs:

Play Day. A baseball like jersey that says the idea of work hard play hard, just changed to work hard play even harder. Squad up and throw on this jersey to get into the game of life as you pair it with your favorite Air Max’s.

War On Work. A fly camouflage tee, that gives you the courage to walk out on your 9-5 , (with Tim’s on) and finally  attack your dreams.

Gray Area. A cut and sew men’s top that is for the dreamers who aren’t sure about where they’re going but they know that whether they are leaving the job or headed to one, they can throw on this shirt with anything and look ready to succeed.

The #KeepFighting collection inspires all to stop fighting for someone else’s goals and to start fighting for your own. We all have one life to live, let’s #KeepFighting to win.


The Honor’s Students:

Blair Caffey – Founder and Owner

Darnell Shepherd – Owner and CFO

Chris Duncan – Owner and Marketing Director

Will Gravely – Owner and Lead Designer

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