Rest In Peace: Carlos “Shawty Lo” Walker

Mood: Dunn Dunn  by Shawty Lo 4:41, Units in the City, 2008

My favorite memory with Carlos was us riding in my 2009 beat up Toyota Corolla after leaving the club. Lo was asking about my progress and my plans for the future. I gave him the run down and that conversation lead to me talking about Jay-Z. I explained that Jay-z’s current life is how I see my future. Little did I know that happens to be Carlos favorite rapper. So all that Jay – Z talk turned our conversation to a Jay-z listening session. The whole ride we listened to Jay – Z and rapped every verse. The most fulfilling song we rapped together as we pulled into the drive way was “Heart of the City.”

So to my friend, my mentor, and music listening partna thank you for the memories, thank you for the guidance, and thank you for the music. You lived a great life and fulfilled a purpose beyond your lifetime. You really have Dunn it all and I’m genuinely proud of you and am pleased to have known such a great individual.

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