Hip Hop Trivia 2016 Best Trivia Night in Atlanta

“Hip Hop Trivia ATL” was selected as the 2016 Best Trivia Night in Atlanta by Creative Loafing,  http://local.clatl.com/publication/best-of-atlanta/2016/after-dark/best-trivia-night.Zyn-as/award/hip-hop-trivia-atl .

The above article sums up what it is but let me tell you who we are, Hip Hop Trivia ATL is an idea created by Branden Peters and executed by 4 creative hip hop heads.

The Officials:

Branden Peters: Branden is the knowledge of the group, he’s the guy who knows the information because he was with many of these artist when they created and presented their work. Branden knows the real scoop, purpose, and craft of Hip Hop, so please don’t expect any slack from him, because he respects the art. And when you get those hard questions and feel like there’s no one on Earth that knows the answer, sadly you’re only 1/3 correct. The people who know the answer are Branden and the actual artist.

Maurice Garland: Maurice is the definition of cool. The type of cool that says what he wants and also says what others really want to say. He is also the nostalgia. Maurice will bring up a subject and have you reminiscing about the way things used to be. He also is a great imitator, he actually listens to all hip hop and is able to repeat it in the same manner that it was delivered, word for word, tone for tone, high pitch , low pitch, fast or slow lol. And this not only goes for rapping and speech but also dance. You might catch him doing an old school hip hop dance, but you have to be there to experience it because he’s so smooth we can never get it on video.

Dusei Da Great: Dusei is the man that keeps the vibes flowing. Every week there’s a different theme and every week Dusei delivers. It’s not about where you’re from, it’s about your skill, and Dusei definitely has that. One moment he will have you rapping the hardest rap verse you know and within the next category he will have you at the front of the DJ booth ready to show the world you can “bankhead bounce”. He gives you that confidence that you need, that real confidence like when you’re in the shower and no one is looking. The confidence to just have fun and not worry about the person next to you, because to be honest they are doing the exact same thing.

Crystal “NeedMyMusic” Thomas: Crystal, which is me lol. In my opinion I’m the voice for the people of hip hop trivia. When it comes to the creativity and recognition of our attendees, I got their back. When we’re brainstorming on the themes, I figure out what the people want. When bragging rights are the rights you want to obtain, I make sure I give you a fair winning chance. I give the people hope that they can win, and make them comfortable to play even if they feel like they are going to lose. I’m here for the people and the love of Hip Hop, but just know that if I ever play I’m winning solo, cause I’m really Hip Hop.



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