EVENT: Dusse’ Lounge

Mood: Dear Summer by Jay Z , 2:53, 534, 2005

Last night Atlanta experienced the Carter Family on all levels. With Beyoncé’s sold out Formation Tour taking its 2nd round in Atlanta, it was only right that The Dusse’ Lounge  was open for Dusse’ sipping, football viewing, and cigar smoking to bring in the fall season.

Soon as I arrived at the private location, I knew that this was where influencers and leaders linked up. The entrance was through the side door and access was only granted to those with a Dusse’ Wristband. As I walked up the stairs, passing those who were curious to know what was going on, I was greeted by with a Dusse’ cocktail.  While working the room I saw a Padron Cigar Pop Up from Nicaragua, where the actual grandson of the owner takes the pride in lighting your cigar. After a few puffs and a few sips of cognac I had no choice but to feel like a star and take a few pics for my imaginary fans in the personalized photo booth. The night was full of networking and meeting talented individuals who were focused on success and enjoying life. I was honored to be invited and included in such a great environment full of energy.

For me the  Dusse’ Lounge was where I realized that the summer was fun but being a child is over, it’s time to get ready to boss up and toast to the life of luxury and success.

Picture: IG @dussecognac

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