Skirts & Glasses : Edcollab Atlanta Hidden Figures Screening

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I had the opportunity to attend the Hidden Figures movie premiere presented by Edcollab Atlanta with special host Rashan Ali.

Women of all fields in Atlanta came out to attend the event in their “skirts & glasses” and not just any women; extraordinary women. Women who have achieved what most seem to think is impossible, women who have inspired, women who believed, women who continue to fight, women who refuse to sit quietly, and women who stand for something much larger than them.

The night begin with Rashan Ali (host of Cool Soror Podcast ) and Dr. Nina Gilbert (founder of Edcollab Atlanta) eloquently explaining our purpose for supporting and watching “Hidden Figures.

This a film about 3 amazing women Katherine Johnson (mathematician and the first woman in Flight Reasearch Division to receive credit as an author of a research report), Dorothy Vaughan (mathematician and first Black supervisor at NACA), and Mary Jackson (NASA’s first black female engineer).

These ladies worked within the Langley Research Center during the time of a segregated work environment and due to their brilliance they helped John Glenn become the first American astronaut to make a complete orbit of the Earth.

But hey no spoiler alerts here, only blessings, and admiration for this wonderful film. Young girls should watch this movie so they can see that they can achieve anything they want with dedication and focus. Young boys and men should watch this film to see that yes women can achieve things; not because they wear skirts, but because they wear glasses.  Women should watch this movie to understand that the fight never stops, you have to keep going after all the “no’s”, the yes will be around the corner. This film should be viewed by all to understand that we as a country are at our greatest when we are working together as people, looking beyond race, gender, or age.

After we watched the movie Dr. Gilbert wanted us to describe the film in one word.  My word was… TAKE-OFF! Yes 3, 2,1 TAKE-OFF. I was so inspired to take-off and follow my dreams and put my goals into action. Throughout the movie the ladies never allowed obstacles to stop them from achieving their dreams. They took risks and believed that the outcome would be in their favor.

Make sure you go see “Hidden Figures” and let me know the word you choose to describe the film.

Thank you to Dr. Nina Gilbert, Rashan Ali,  Edcollab Atlanta, Macy’s, and The Gathering Spot.

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