GIANTS Spelman College Screening


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I attended a special screening of the new series, “Giants” starring Vanessa Baden Kelly. The event was hosted by Spelman Student filmmaker Lizette Terry.

Due to the series being based on the lives of the actual writers and creators, Giants is a story that continues to grow both on and off the set.

At any moment that you’re watching you will see that one of their stories is actually your story as well. Writer James Bland, does an incredible job of giving moments that you can relate to your own life. You will find yourself analyzing the experiences, and asking yourself “did I” deal with it the same way.

After watching the first episode I  interviewed Vanessa Baden Kelly, who stars as Journee, in the series.  I asked her “What song best describes this series?”, and her response was “Last Call” by Kanye West. If you ever heard the song, I’m sure the part that sticks out to you the most is the story. The reason you know the story; is because you personalize the inspiration and hope. You listen and then confirm that you too can make it, just like Kanye did.

This is the very thing that the creators felt when making the show. They realized that the time had come to devout to their own goals and not of someone else’s.

Each and everyone one of us are dealing with these same giants described in the series. The ultimate giant of wanting more in life, when it seems impossible to accomplish. But don’t worry we all have the power to defeat these ideas (giants) if we just keep striking at it. We will all have our victory.

Giants is an inspiring, funny, and honest series that I recommend every young dreamer to watch. Episodes can be found on After you watch let me know what you think.

Also listen to and the Little Giant Epic by Chief Wakil  featured music on the series and suggested by Vanessa Baden Kelly

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