IMG_0436Mood: Big Rings – Drake & Future Produced by Metro Boomin 3:37 , What a Time To Be Alive 2015

Leap year only comes every 4 years, so the expression,  what a time to be alive, definitely was the mood all last night at the 2016 Jameson Bartenders Ball.  As soon as you receive your VIP lanyard, your mindset is ” You know why I’m here!” .

My friends and I walked in ready to drink all the Jameson we could handle and that’s exactly what we did. The bartenders were the best in the country because the flow of Jameson never stopped and they never had a line of over 3 people. They were probably the fastest bartenders I have ever seen. Their skills were undeniable but the music probably kept them on their flow as well because it was classic hits all night.

The DJ, who’s name I didn’t get probably because he never said it and his goal was for the music to talk for him. Because at every moment I wanted to ask where is this music coming from, he dropped another hit that just made you forget about where it was coming from  and just dance.  I mean when a DJ plays lean with it rock with it, party like a rockstar, stay fly, gin and juice, how could you not jam?!?

So out of all of the classics, why was my mood “Big Rings?”

Because I was with my team all night and when I mean my team, I got a text message while waiting outside saying, free shirts were being giving away and they were going away fast, but, “I got you one.”

Because when I walked into the photo booth, and dabbed on em with my squad, we set the precedent of what everyone else wanted their photos to look like when they walked into the booth.

Because when my cup was about to be empty (such a sad moment by the way), my team comes back with the new cup.

Because when no one was dancing in the middle of the floor, my team starts the party and gets everyone dancing.

Because when I’m taking my snap chat videos and I see who I’m surrounded by I am grateful and the words that I feel I need to say to my God is “What a time to be alive!”

Because when the event is over and the memories have all been created, my team says “Thank you for being a true friend and I’m thankful you’re in my life.”

All I feel at that moment is I got a really big team, and we need some really big rings, we need some really nice things, better be coming with no strings. Man, what a time….

So thank you to Jameson Bartenders Ball for allowing us to experience this event. And showing us to live life “Sine Metu”